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With over 26 years experience, Barrington Il Carpet Cleaning has been providing Barrington Il Carpet Cleaning services to homes and businesses with the highest quality and most efficient carpet cleaning services in the industry for Barrington Il Carpet Cleaning. Our/Your Safety/Health is Our #1 Priority!  630-634-2830


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Cleaning Methods (Dry Cleaning, Shampoo, Foam, Carbonated, Encapsulation- none are deep cleaning) VS Deep Cleaning(Truckmounted Extraction)

Dr Berry referred to deep cleaning as:

  1. Wet (water based)
  2. Temp (145-160 degrees)
  3. High flow (1.0 gpm)
  4.  High extraction system (vacuum recovery capabilities with wastewater storage)

See What Professional Barrington Il Carpet Cleaning Really Means…With Truck-mounted Steam Extraction, Cleans Deeper – Removing All Of The Dirt & Germs! Dries Faster – Less Inconvenience!

State of the Art

We’ve equipped our truck with state-of-the-art technology and amenities! Powerful, efficient & effective cleaning – plus twenty-six years of experience on our side.

Confident & Efficient

Our goal is to educate our clients, providing high quality and efficient carpet care to create a comfortable healthy environment. We’re here to support you as your trusted carpet cleaner.

  • We Don’t Overcharge or Use Bait/Switch, Were Honest & Fair
  • You Get 100% of Our Attention In Your Home/Business
  • Owner/Operated For 26 Years
  • Same Day Service Available At Times
  • Fast Dry Times
  • Spot & Odor Removal Specialists
  • Superb Quality, High Powered Truckmount Cleaning Equipment
  • A Reliable, Caring Company Here For The Long Term
  • A Proud Resident/Member of The Barrington Il Community
  • New Safety Cleaning Procedures For Viruses

At Barrington Il Carpet Cleaning, we take our time to do your Barrington Il carpet cleaning job right, because we know that quality work takes time! At Barrington Il Carpet Cleaning we don’t sell on the lowest price or fast cleanings…we sell service, expertise, quality & commitment – all at a competitive price!

Our goal is to be the best carpet cleaning company servicing in Barrington Il. We will never stop learning and improving!

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